Luciana Hannibal ORCiD

Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center – Department of General Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine and Neonatology, MetaboCF Core Facility

RESEARCH: Inborn errors of metabolism, Genetic modifiers of metabolism, Sulfur-metabolism, Redox signalling, Cofactor enzymology and trafficking, Nutrition, Nutritional and Genetic deficiencies of vitamin B12, multiorgan-metabolic integration

METHODS: Metabolic labeling in cell culture, Targeted metabolomic profiling by mass spectrometry, Characterization of pathogenic protein variants, Protein-cofactor interactions, Rapid kinetics by stopped-flow, Biomarker discovery and standardization

TECHNOLOGIES: UHPLC Nexera X2/QTRAP Sciex 6500+ MS, HPLC -TSQ Vantage Triple Quadrupole MS, GC-MS system (7890 GC system coupled to a 5975C mass spectrometer, Agilent), Stopped-Flow with double mixer and dual UV-Vis/Fluorescence detection

Bernd Kammerer ORCiD

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy – Institute of Organic Chemistry/ Centre for Integrative Signalling Analysis CISA

RESEARCH: Metabolic pathway mapping, metabolic reprogramming, metabolic syndrome, tumor marker and biomarker research, crosstalk signalling and metabolism, metabolomics in personalized medicine

METHODS: Untargeted and targeted metabolome analyses via multidimensional Mass Spectrometry and NMR Analysis.

TECHNOLOGIES:  Mass Spectrometry platform in coupling with chromatography and capillary electrophoresis: Agilent QqTOF-MS, 2 Agilent QqQ-MS, Agilent GC-MS, Agilent IT-MS, Bruker Impact QqTOF-MS, Waters Synapt HR-Q(IMS)TOF-MS, 2 Thermo Orbitrap MS, Thermo GC-MS (NMR Analysis in collaboration with the Institute of Organic Chemistry)

Jörg Büscher ORCiD

Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, Metabolomics Core Facility

RESEARCH: Metabolomics sample preparation, Metabolomics measurements, Automatic data processing

METHODS: Discovery Metabolomics and Lipidomics, Targeted Metabolomics and Lipidomics, 13C label tracing

TECHNOLOGIES: GC-MS (Agilent), LC-QQQ-MS (Agilent), LC-QTOF-MS (Bruker)