Chemical Synthesis / Medicinal Chemistry

Manfred Jung ORCiD

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy – Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

RESEARCH: Chemical Epigenetics, Immunoncology, Infectious Diseases, Metabolic Signalling, Targeted protein degradation

METHODS: Medicinal Chemistry, Synthesis, Assay development, Small Molecule Screening, Cellular target engagement analysis

TECHNOLOGIES: Organic synthesis infrastructure, Plate washer and readers, 400 MHz NMR for small molecule analysis

Henning Jessen ORCiD

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy – Institute of Organic Chemistry

RESEARCH: Phosphate Homeostasis, Stringent Response, Phosphorylated Metabolites, Metabolic Messengers, Polyphosphate, Magic Spot Nucleotides, Dinucleoside Polyphosphates, Inositol phosphates and pyrophosphates, Antibiotics

METHODS: Chemical Synthesis, Capillary Electrophoresis and HPLC Mass Spectrometry, Stable Isotope Labeling, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Cell Culture

TECHNOLOGIES: CE-MS (Agilent) QQQ, CE-MS (Agilent) QTof, Bruker Avance 400 MHz with cryoprobe