Bioinformatics / Computational Biology

Melanie Föll ORCiD

Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center – Institute of Surgical Pathology

RESEARCH: Spatially resolved metabolomics, lipidomics and proteomics, tumor microenvironment, tumor heterogeneity, mass spectrometry and metabolomic data science, mass spectrometry method development

METHODS: MALDI mass spectrometry imaging, computational tools and workflows (in Galaxy platform), multi-omics data integration, machine learning, tissue based mass spectrometry

TECHNOLOGIES: MALDI-TOF/TOF, laser capture microdissection, European Galaxy Server

Jens Timmer ORCiD

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics – Institute of Physics

RESEARCH: Cancer Metabolism, Mathematical Modelling, Signal Transduction, Developmental Biology, Immune System, Synthetic Biology

METHODS: Dynamic Pathway Modelling, Parameter Estimation in Differential Equations, Uncertainty Analysis, Experimental Design

TECHNOLOGIES: High Performance Computing

Clemens Kreutz ORCiD

Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center – Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics (IMBI), Methods of Systems Biomedicine (MSB)

RESEARCH: Mathematical Modelling, Metabolic Signaling Networks, Link to Microbiome, Link to Proteome, Methods for Single Cell Analyses

METHODS: Mathematical Models, Benchmarking and Optimal Selection of Computational Methods, Development of Novel Analysis Approaches

TECHNOLOGIES: High Performance Computing

Melanie Börries ORCiD

Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center – Institute of Medical Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine

RESEARCH: Multi-Omics data analysis, cancer metabolism, (genetic) analyses of metabolic signaling, identification of disease biomarkers and potential therapeutic options, pipeline development for high-throughput data for clinical research and applications (e.g. Molecular Tumor Board)

METHODS: machine learning methods, development and application of standardized workflows for the analysis, integration and visualization of omics data, single-cell analysis, creating user-friendly databases

TECHNOLOGIES: High-performance computer cluster, 10x Genomics