Thorsten Friedrich ORCiD

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy – Institute of Biochemistry

RESEARCH: Biochemistry, Respiration, Energy Conversion, Enzyme Complexes of Respiration: Structure/Function, Biogenesis and Inhibitors, (Ubi)Quinone Chemistry, Reactive Oxygen Species, Structural Biology, Iron-Sulphur clusters, Mitochondria, Bacteria

METHODS: Genetic Manipulation of Microorganisms, Purification of Membrane Proteins, Protein Stability, Inhibitor screening, Protein labeling (EPR-, fluorescent- and IR-probes), Liposome techniques, He-temp. EPR-spectroscopy, Cryo-EM (via collaboration)

TECHNOLOGIES: 10L Fermenter (Bioengineering), Äkta Protein Purification Systems (GE Healthcare), He-temp. X-Band EPR (Bruker), Fluorescence DSC (PerkinElmer), Fluorescence Imaging (Vilber), Oxygen Electrode (HansaTech), Protein Electrochemistry (ProSense)

GRK 1976, GRK 2202, SPP 1927, DFDK 0407